Racing was prepared for battle on the ground and in the air

During the rugged iron arms that Laurent Travers’ men delivered against the Toulonnais armed with a redundant density, the Racingmen were reassured of conquest. A pointed sector such as that where this formation or noticeable offensive potential (1) is most likely. “I’m serious,” continued Boris Palu. In the second half, we put them in the hard. This match, we win on the pitch and on our carried ball defense. Third line international Wenceslas Laurent retorted: “It has been shown that before, we could answer now. »

The challenge of conquest

If they are happy with so much insistence, the French know precisely that they will have to once again “deliver a big fight” to hope to extend their course in the final phases beyond this dam facing the ‘UBB. “The game of Bordeaux is known: yes, there are some beautiful ones, but it is preceded by a big fight ahead,” says Boris Palu: “The touch, the melody will pass through strong conquest. . “Bordeaux is very expensive ahead,” confirmed Wenceslas Lauret. Their first rule is aggression. In conquest and in the rucksacks. »

A sector in which the Franciliens do not exhibit the same effectiveness. With 6.6 balls won per match, UBB tops sixth in the standings of the best teams in the field, with Racing only 14e sound (5,7/m). And while the Bordelais appear to be in fourth place as the most effective teams in conserving their rucks, the French are only rising to seventh place.

Beware of falsehoods, these few numbers are not necessarily synonymous with prosperity: Racing ranks third in the rankings of the most efficient outdoors and the most disciplined teams (10,11,11,000) 2/ m pour l’UBB)…

Laurent Travers and his deputy, Didier Casadeï, are waiting for a battle on the ground. But it will be all the more controversial in the air, recalling the French manager between two of the best opponents in the Top 14: encounter. A difference that should not be forgotten however is that teammates Boris Palu also have one of the best championship opponents in this sector.

Laurent Travers seems to be prepared for all the scenarios: “If there are no balloons at the top, he will have to take them at the bottom. »

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