Quillan rugby at XV: one Pech could hide another

In a few days the general assembly was fixed at 23rd of June at 19 hours, it blows at the High Valley club. According to information circulating in Limoux or in the city of Trois Quilles, a new office is being drawn. Henry Pech, the current president, is expected to join a co -chair with the representative of the Upper Valley, Olivier Pech. A well -known industrialist, a former USQ player, would already be mobilizing troops to find new volunteers ready to help the Haute Valée dean club. Force is to note that the number of volunteers is much more important on the Quillan side than limouxin, their representation at the top of the pyramid is an evidence and a necessity for them. Recruitment is also in full swing, the idea of ​​having a competitive team and being able to play the climb is always up -to -date. Reply in a few days now.

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