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Not suited to the organigram of Paris Saint-Germain, Jean-Claude Blanc explained the podcast Pause. The opportunity for the general manager of the capital club to reassure on the road to QSI, but also to flicker Kylian Mbapp following his extension.

Jean-Claude Blanc remains essentially at PSG.

Jean-Claude Blanc was no longer included in the connu des dirigeants du Paris Saint-Germain. But it is probably the most important. In office since October 2011, the former Juventus president has done quite an exceptional job to make the capital club one of the main brands of world football. A man of QSI confidence, the French know a lot about behind the scenes of the French champion. At il n’a pas hsit reassure the supporters.

No disengagement from Qatar

Indeed, rumors of a possible disengagement from Qatar after the World Cup have surfaced in recent weeks. Corridor noise infused according to main interest. J’ai zro indication dans ce sens-l et l’envie de construire pour longtemps Paris na affirme several times par Nasser. Sa is in the process of building an absolutely extraordinary training center ct of Paris. The livr ats un an, in 2023. (…) the answer, PSG, is worth 90 million euros of chiffre d’affaires, and the club with the structures moyennes ats une ville phare. Today, we have made a world brand. And it will pass around 700 million euros in the term of the season we come to pick isang indiqu l’homme de 59 ans pour le podcast I-pause.

For White, the Qataris have nothing to do with PSG after more than a century of in -depth work. I can not find a club at 50 and 100 millions euros and the total value of this amount, the total amount is 3,2 and 3,5 milliards. Their willingness to invest is reasonable. It is like a strategic investment, as they are in others. It is entirely driven by Nasser Al-Khelafi. He is the one who imposes this. I think their investment in football is both the passion and the digital power that this sport represents. Among the investments made, Paris Saint-Germain is without a doubt in good shape, account for the formidable valuation of the club today a prcis blanc.

Mbapp, you are patriotic

Among the options that the businessman is proud of is the three -year extension of Kylian Mbapp’s contract. When he made his promise to Real Madrid, the French striker decided to swear allegiance to the club in the capital. A choice trs strong according to Blanc. I think he is very sincere when he talks about this patriotic ct. Gagner sa France, Paris, has a different flavor than doing it in another club. Yes, the prends au premier degr. I like Kylian so much, that I have seen him grow and transform, to become a clothing leader over the last five years a poursuivi l’ex-patron de la Vieille Dame.

I am very happy that he continues with us. I am very impressed with his career and the way he greets with his entourage. There will be a good signal and with a direct effect. Everyone is projecting in the coming seasons to say: ‘This team, which gives us a lot of motivation, we want to follow and love. Sa va faire de grandes will choose ensemble ‘ , added the native of Chambry. Next goal for PSG leaders: find the right striker to represent the project. A tche that advertises itself is much more difficult than proving …

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