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According to the British press, Mauricio Pochettino has reached an agreement with Paris Saint-Germain to quit his managerial duties. At the end of his contract, Argentina did not insist on retaining his position.

Pochettino will leave Paris Saint-Germain

Mauricio Pochettino leads to the exit. As of Saturday, the Paris Saint-Germain striker has come under his direction that the capital club does not consider pursuing the adventure with him this year. Athletic confirmed the information and announced that the parties could not reconcile.

According to the British media, Argentina met its leaders last week to take stock of the 2021-2022 season, during which PSG reported the fifth French title in its history but did not. not performing in the Champions League. While their ultimate ambition remains the crown in C1, the Parisian team is out in the eighth final against Real Madrid (1-0, 1-3), the future winner of this division.

Pochettino did not insist

At the end of the day, the Paris mayor and the technician took the mutual decision to end their collaboration, despite a current contract until June 2023. Si Pochettino did not stop telling the media that he if he were to pursue his Parisian adventure next season, they thought that a separation would be a reasonable solution. L’ancien coach de Tottenham should not insist to pour conserver son poste cet t.

Which does not mean that he will leave hands full. The two parties must now agree on an allowance from Poche, estimated at between 10 and 15 million euros. Since Murphy’s late stint, PSG have been recruiting a new entraneur. La piste Zinedine Zidane ignites the football plant on Friday, before being refrigerated by the ZZ clan, it is Christophe Galtier (Nice) who seems to hold the string.

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