Pro League: Belgium-India, a good propaganda for hockey… (3-3, 4-5 at SO)

The meeting starts strong with a first alert of very aggressive Indians at the Red Lions circle.

The match is committed and balanced.

In the 5th Jugray, ask twice Loïc Van Doren who is doing well.

Three minutes later Akashdeep isolated in the circle offers a nice opportunity.

Parattu illustrates himself on a flat shot of Boon on pc.

Turn around the 2 guards are asked but each time they come out perfectly.

On the 18th on a bounce Shamster smashes the ball into the ceiling.

A minute later De Kerpel is worried Parattu on a shot too high.

On the 21st Cédric Charlier cuts the trajectory of a superb shot from De Kerpel to equalize.

2 minutes later Parratu came out again with a 3 -star stop on a powerful shot by Artur Van Doren.

The pace slowed down a bit and the Belgians had a hard time keeping the Indians well in place.

Loïc Van Doren is also on display with a beautiful Indian shooter in the 31st.

They remain dangerous on counter and their survival poses many problems, especially on their right wing.

In the 35th Gougnard scored a superb goal on a brilliant pass from van Aubel (2-1).

The increasing pressure from the Red Lions at Dohmen offers a good opportunity to lift the brand but Parattu saves the position.

Kerpel and Cosyns are still worried about the Indian rear guard while De Sloover survives some delicate situations behind it.

In the 51st De Kerpel very active made 3-1 on PC…

One minute later an Indian slalom provokes a stroke that converts Harmanpreet.

The match was relancé.

The end of the match was clearly Indian and what should have happened came Jarmanpreet equalized on PC to make it 3-3 in the 58th.

Belgium got a triple pc well in the 60s but we still have it.

The Indians are 4-5 in the SO.

Belgium: L.Van Doren; A. Van Doren, Stockbroekx, Hendrickx, De Sloover; Gougnard, Denayer, Wegnez; De Kerpel, Boon, Charlier and then Dohmen, van Aubel, Dockier, Boccard, Cosyns

India: Parattu; Dilpreet, Surender, Manpreet, Hardik, Manpreet, Harmanpreet, Shamster, Varun, Akashdeep, Amit puis Jarmanpreet, Lalit, Nilakanta, Vivek, Jugray, Abhishek

Arbitrators: MM van Bunge and Tomlinson

Green cards: 14th Hardik

Buts: 18th Shamster (0-1), 21st De Kerpel (1-1), 35th Charlier (2-1), 51st De Kerpek on PC (3-1), 52nd Harmanpreet on stroke (3-2), 58th Jarmanpreet on pc (3-3)

Penalty Corner: Belgium (1/9), India (1/9)

SO: Boccard (1-0), Harmanpreet (1-1), Cosyns via Hendrickx (2-1), Abhisek (2-2), Gougnard (3-2), Lalit (3-3), De Sloover via Hendrikx (4-3), Shamster (4-4), De Kerpel via Hendrikx (4-4), Akashdeep (4-5)

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