Pro B: at Monclar, the access final is a family affair

For the Monclar family, there will be no double punishment. One of them will be a retiree of the elite next season, renewing the thread of a line that took root in the 1950s thanks to Robert, the patriarch, triple participation in the Olympic Games (1952, 1956) with the 1960s. Bleus, then his son Jacques (JO in 1984), man-orchestra of lands, benches and media but split this week between two of his sons Julien and Benjamin

. Their fratricide duel transcends the Pro B final which opposes them so that they would have had to meet if the cadet had not left Blois last year for Antibes, after eight seasons in the walls of the AD where office as director basketball operations his brother Julien (38 years old).

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