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The Professional Handball League will take back its city rights for the 2021-2022 sports season. In this regard, the office of the Transitional Professional League (Lpt) has stepped up to the plate to announce the color of the next season that will start on July 2. Lpt President Clarisse Hounzali announced this on Friday, June 10, 2022 at a press conference at the headquarters of the Beninoise Handball Federation (Fbhb).

After the first edition of the professional handball championship which saw the double crown of Flowers CNSS Hbc (Men and Women), put the now into the second edition. Thus, during this media release, the speakers raised a eyebrow at the practical organization of the upcoming professional handball championship. And for this season 2021-2022, the Lpt de handball and recorded seven teams at the men’s level and five in the women’s divisions in two zones including Mga Bulaklak, Aspac, Adjidja, Aso Modèle (Zone 1) and Abo Sport, Flambeau (Buffles , Flambeau) Zone 2).

For President Clarisse Hounzali, the Professional League will run in three phases with each phase having a given period to go to term. She indicated that the first phase will allow to record round-trip matches between the teams in Zone 1 on one side and between the teams in Zone 2 on the other. The particularity at the ladies level is that it will be in line between the five registered teams. She clarified that the meetings will take place at the respective venues of the clubs. This phase will take place from July 2 to 16, 2022. As for the second phase, it will be contested among all the teams registered at the end of this phase, the first six men’s teams will be qualified for the third cell of the plays phase – offs. It will take place from August 27 to September 3, 2022. At this stage, at the ladies level, the first four teams will qualify for the playoff phase that will bring together the best. On September 19, 24, 2022.

What is the rules of the championship?

“The rules will not change. We are traced to the model of international institutions. Professional players know what to do or not to do. We will watch over the strict application of the content of the articles of this regulation, ”said Clarisse Hounzali, president of the Lpt. In my opinion, transparency is needed in everything. During this issue, the question of rewards was also addressed. And the president assured that the best also among men at the level of ladies will be distinguished. Fbhb treasurer general Kader Yarou for his part confirmed that the top three teams in each category will have trophies, medals and also financial envelopes.


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