PICTURES. Near Fougères, football stars play golf

Petr Cech (right) with Christophe Lollichon on the Bois Guy course in Parigné (© Republican Chronicle).

Near Fougèresthe castle of the Bois-Guy to Parigné an accueilli, Wednesday, June 15a tournoi de golf with prestigieux participants.

Several former professional football players took part in this unofficial tournament. Among them, Petr Cech, ex-goalkeeper Chelsea et d ‘Arsenal. In an impeccable French, the current technical advisor at the performance of the club London a clear:

This is the first time I play golf here. We discussed with Christophe Lollichon not once about the castle, the project and everything that has been done here. This is the content of the power to come, to test the nine holes and to see the installations and the environment which is really nice and exceptional.

He is a former coach at Stade Rennais and at the “Blues”, Christophe Lollichon, no longer continued.

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Romain Danzé, ex-defender of the Stade Rennaisand Pierre-Yves David, coach of the ‘AGL-Drapeau Fougèresalso carried out the course.

This day also saw the visit of other former Rennais such as Mickaël Pagis, Erik van den Boogaard and Michel Sorin, former coach of the ‘AS Vitré.

“Exceptional installations”

The proceeds for this tournament will be fully donated to the ‘AGL-Drapeau Fougères. A sale of jerseys, balloons signed by all participants and a photo of a portrait of Petr Cech on the sand by artist Ndo, was organized.

Petr Cech was very flattering at the Bois-Guy football center open for almost two years:

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I think that’s something that could be really special and useful for the people who come here and the teams. Ibuhos physical preparation, you must always find places where there is everything you need. You will never get to the golf course again. There must also be the regeneration part where the players can rest. In this environment, if the players have a free afternoon, they can calmly hang out. And there will be basketball courts, tennis courts, things for fun (playroom). There will be everything.

The Chelsea Loan Department went to the venue in 2019 on stage or château. Will the club, winners of the Champions League in 2012 and 2021, return one day?

I’m not saying no because, when looking for places, you always have to find the facilities where there is everything to work. During the first weeks of preparation, one must also find a way to play friendly matches. And we are very close to Fougères. Even Rennes is not very far away. There is also this possibility to make friendly matches there. Really important, is that there will be two football fields, the garden space. If the rugby players arrive, they will also have their ground here. I think we will soon find exceptional installations.


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