Petr Cech and football stars play golf at Bois Guy, near Fougères

Under a lead sun, Petr Cech plants his tee, raises his club, and swings. The former goalkeeper of the Rennais Stadium and Chelsea made the trip this Wednesday, June 15, to the Bois Guy Castle, near Parigné (Ille-et-Vilaine) to take part in an amateur golf tournament.

“It’s a pleasure to share a passion in a place that is also enjoyable.”exclaims the Czech, one of the best golfers to come today. “It was a good party, until the last two holes I blew”add it, a disappointed stone.

On the edge of the course, a supporter made the trip from Rennes. “I had already seen it during a match at the Rennais Stadium in 2005, but we couldn’t get close”, remembers Thibault. In his bag, the enthusiast lined up guard gloves and a Chelsea jersey, ready to be dedicated by the retired player.

Thibault, a Stade Rennais fan is the place to dedicate the Chelsea t-shirt and the gardien to Petr Cech. | NG

On that day, Petr Cech will not face either Real or Liverpool players but the football club’s partners will face the AGL-Drapeau, who are also golf enthusiasts. Some are business leaders, others are lawyers. They spent a variable amount in their wallet to face the big names in football to share a meal with them.

“This is the opportunity to have a good time together”, souligne Michael Linhoff, president of l’AGL-Drapeau and propriétaire of Bois Guy golf. Among the footballers, former reds and blacks had also responded present including Romain Danzé, Mickaël Pagis and Michel Sorin.

Petr Cech (in black) and Michael Linhoff (center) before the start of the Bois Guy golf tournament. | NG

Funds will be donated to the AGL-Drapeau Football School, especially for the 6 to 10-year-old sections. “We want to create real infrastructures, with specialized educators and a home with activities”, explains Michael Linhoff. The goal is not to create champions, but “To welcome all children, whatever their level, in good conditions and little matter their ambitions. »

Today, AGL-Flag has 550 licensees operating at 50 % with public subsidies and the other 50 % thanks to partners. With this event, the president hopes to raise € 20,000. «The most important financial backer and the club is the train of construction and assembly», approve Christophe Lollichon, former Chelsea coach and member of the AGL-Drapeau bureau, who made the link between Petr Cech and the tournament. Even before the end of the day, Michael Linhoff, full of ambition, has no doubt: “This is the first edition, but we’re going to repeat. »

Petr Cech and football stars play golf at Bois Guy, near Fougères

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