Perigueux passes immediately to the door

“It wasn’t raining much at the moment,” she explains. Then, the decision to pursue or not to meet is at the discretion of the chair judge. “He goes down to check if the lines are slippery, he estimates the notion of danger and decides in consultation with the players,” said the ITF supervisor from the office where, at the end of the morning, the players would come to ask about the maintenance of the lequel match.

Satellite images

“Everything is possible, playing outside, in the living room. The goal is to end the tournament on Sunday without having to play more than three matches a day with the players. [NDLR : deux simples et un double]. Even if it wasn’t the same surface, one could end up indoors. He finds that in CA Périgueux, all courts are on rocky ground, so the problem does not arise.

The state of the lands is also on the line of account. For example, court n ° 3 is not practical because of the flaque dès le début de la journée. The matches were moved on 6 ats a first time.

“The ground is heavier, the balls are filled with water, so you don’t have to play small arms,” said Audrey Albié after her mastered victory over Océane Babel (6-2, 6-3) before the interruption.

Stéphane Apostolou then died in M. Météo. “I look at different sites to anticipate the weather. Here, you will see a satellite image of Météo France. With time, we learned to read. »

In the early afternoon, the clouds are so strong that decision is a prize to end the day indoors, as was the case in the 2021 final. But until Sunday, everyone will keep an eye on the sky.

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