“People think I play golf a lot, that I’m always injured …”

Bale, who still plays for Real Madrid to this day, and until next June 30, addressed the media ahead of his team’s Nations League match against the Netherlands.

The future former Real Madrid player now has only one goal in mind, to stay in shape for the 2002 World Cup, for which his national team has recently qualified. But to do that, the Welsh will have to find a new club. The striker even acknowledged that he was ready to make concessions on the team that would allow him to prepare for the World Cup in Qatar.

After being sidelined from the Getafe track the day before yesterday, a time prompted by the Spanish press, Bale has not advanced on his options for next season.

“I have to sit down and reflect,” Bale said of his future this Monday. “Not only with my family, but also with the coach, with the physical preparers. We have to see what will be the best to be in shape in November and December.”

“I don’t know if the level will make a big difference,” he said, referring to the fact of joining a team that is not part of the world elite. “A football match remains a football match. I mean I will never lose my quality with the ball. It’s something I have to reflect on, I haven’t made a decision yet. I know that there are possible destinations, but I have to evaluate all of them and see what is best for me “, added the Welshman, who led the Galician selection to his first World Cup since 1958.

As for his physical form, the Cardiff native explained in half that he was available and ready to play with Real Madrid this season, and that his placement on the permanent bench was mainly due to the choice of his coach. “People think I play a lot of golf, but that’s not the case. People also think I’m always injured, but that’s not true. I’ll be fine,” Gareth Bale said.

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