Patrick Clérence finds Sébastien Lambert in Challans

After the signatures of Eric Bosc and Paul Turpin, Challans officializes the arrival of Patrick Clerence (33 years, 2.04 m). Knowing by heart the division (9 seasons in total), Clerence was stationed at Chartres since 2016 even if he did a crochet by Boulogne-sur-Mer at the beginning of the 2018/19 season before returning to the Eure-et -Loir, where he played 5 and a half seasons.

In Sale, he does not arrive in unknown lands. He finds Éric Bosc and Sébastien Lambert, the new coach of the VCB, who he sided with in Chartres.

“After six years of collaboration, we have forcibly forged links. I know exactly what he can bring me to a team, whether on the field or outside, ”explains the technician at West France.

Duty player, solid in painting, Patrick Clerence will take his leadership. The season écoulée, il tournait with 9,9 points and 4 rebonds poured 9,9 d’evaluation in 21 minutes.

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