Paris-Saint-Germain ended the season with a new title after winning the French Cup final

In an evening marked by the « last » de plusieurs joueurs sous les maillots parisien et nantais, Paris-Saint-Germain (PSG) and pris le meilleur sur le HBC Nantes in the finale of the Coupe de France of handball, on June 11, à Bercy (36-31) . Well helped by a great Vincent Gérard, who was fighting his last match under the Red and Blue jersey, the players from the capital asphyxiated their opponents as they dominated the French championship and offered the double.

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Defeated in their double confrontation with the Parisians, like all the other championship teams this season, the Nantais are hoping to turn PSG into a coup. But their will was not enough to strengthen Nikola Karabatic’s powerful teammates. Despite a good start to the match during which “the H” played equally with the capital club, the Nantais quickly picked up speed on defense and found themselves unscathed on attack, against wall Vincent Gérard.

After three seasons played in Parisian colors and before joining Saint-Raphaël, the porter wanted to take care of his exit and stopped the attackers with ten arrests in the first period.

On the contrary, Danish Emil Nielsen, who is close to joining FC Barcelona, ​​did not show up at the height of the event for his last meeting under the Violets jersey. He was quickly replaced by his doubles Mickaël Robin, who was also on the start, performing well and almost infranchissible on a 7 meter jet to allow the sciences to reduce their delay to two goals, when they were less than five united. pause.

End of career for Kiril Lazarov, beautiful exit for Remili

A gap made by the Parisians who will be enough to put them in the open, especially their replacements, including Elohim Prandi, are shown more decisively than those of HBC Nantes, in the image of Kiril Lazarov, who disputed, at 42, the last match of his career.

Leaving the bench a few minutes later, the Macedonian handball legend committed too many mistakes and could not help his teammates, but acknowledged PSG’s superiority after the meeting at the microphone of beIN sports: “Paris played very well and deserved to win. For my part, this is the right time to end my career. Nantes is a very competitive club that fights for titles and I am very satisfied and proud to have played. I think they have done good things and I wish them good luck in the future ».

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With a lot of commitment and more physical cost, the Parisians therefore claim the H of a French Ligue-Cup double Cup for the latter on the bench of coach Alberto Entrerrios, but they retain their title and allow Nedim Remili, Mikkel Hansen, Benoît Kounkoud, Vincent Gérard and Yann Genty left the capital on a good note.

“It was a special day with a title and then for many of us, it was our last match, so we were going to celebrate it. There were a lot of emotions Wednesday for last in Coubertin [le dernier match de championnat à domicile], and today we had the heart to give everything for our last match with Paris. I am really proud to be part of this team »tasted Nedim Remili, before recovering his medal and taking charge of Kielce, Poland, in the interception.

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