Parfait Njiba arrives in Caen BC

Stéphane Eberlin, the new coach of Caen BC, wants to support the athletic players. He threw his torch on Parfait Njiba, a 32 -year -old (1.99 m) fly that comes from Andrérieux.

LIRE AUSSI. Yanik Blanc premiere recrue from Caen BC

In addition to posing a real threat to the outside (46 % of three -point successes last season), Parfait Njiba presents the advantage of knowing the division very well, which has been running in National 1 for nine years, successively in Cergy -Pontoise, Mulhouse, Saint-Vallier, Boulogne and Andrézieux. The tournait this season à 10,9 points, 3,2 rebonds, 2,2 passes and 11,1 d’évaluation on average.

Four players from the previous exercise are under contract: Carl Ona Embo, Florian Thibedore, Bryson Pope and Moïse Diamé. Are they all in Stéphane Eberlin’s plans? Not sure. The arrival of Parfait Njiba allows for a possible departure from Florian Thibedore.

Séraphin Saumont signed at Loon-Plage, promoted to National 1. Christmas Guide is expected to return to Chartres (N1).

Basket. National 1: Parfait Njiba arrives in Caen BC

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