painting, Luc Abalo’s other passion

Last summer’s Olympic handball champion Luc Abalo (37) is preparing for his post-career career by pursuing another passion: painting. On her Instagram account, the tricolor river unveiled a portrait of Iliana Rupert, a player of the France basketball team.

Now that 37 -year -old Luc Abalo is closer to the end than the beginning of his handball career, the Olympic champion is addicted to his other passion: painting. On his Instagram account, the former PSG right -back revealed a portrait of Iliana Rupert, a French international basketball player who won a bronze medal at the Tokyo Games. The mention of “il est vraiment temps de reprendre la peinture” is included with the canvas. An attention that touched the 20 -year -old basketball player who shared the painting.

Luc Abalo and art, it’s a story that doesn’t date yesterday. The Ivry-sur-Seine native takes drawing lessons from the age of 12: “I was told that I had an opportunity to reproduce what I was going through, including the sleeves I was watching on TV. “That’s what made me want to run away,” he told the Journal d’Elbeuf. He even seems to be joining the Higher Institute of Applied Arts but the practice of high -level handball being somewhat compatible with this training, he leaves the ISAA at the age of 21 to pursue a career in professional sports.

Abalo also has his clothing line

Professional for 20 years, Luc Abalo has won the Champions League, two Club World Cups but also eight French championships. With the Bleus, he won three Euros, world championships and Olympic titles. Now playing for Zeekstar Tokyo or Japan, Abalo prefers to wait for the end of his career to launch 100% into his other passion. “For now it’s a hobby, I’m going to try my best once my career is over. I have already tried to take courses, but it is too intensive. You have to get up early, I have the impression of going back to school. Not possible! And then I get interested in other things in art and culture. ”

It is certainly not the painting in Luc Abalo’s life since he is also interested in fashion, testifying to his clothing brand ‘LAN’. Members of the “Experts” will handle all the photos, not specific clichés that atterrissent sur son compte Instagram dédié à l’art. While waiting to finally hook up, Abalo finds the way to express his love for art through handball: “For me, sport is the possibility to create too. When I am on the field, I am in a different mood during the day, I feel things differently, so I try different things. For me, the body is a means of expression. ”

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