Opening of Padel Tennis at So-Club

Meet at So-Club, 39 chemin des Liavoles in Viriat.

Pour in 10 years, So-Club has innove, and avoided Padel Tennis ! Discovering this fun sport, accessible across generations, is a pretty challenge to attack this new decade!

Le padel is one racquet sport derived from tennis, playing on a smaller court, framed with walls and grills. The score calculation is the same as tennis and the balls used have a slightly lower pressure. It is played only in doubles and the service must work on the knife. Its biggest difference with tennis, however, is that the balls can be played after bouncing on the walls or grilling, in a way similar to squash.

A paddle tennis academy will open from the start of September 2022. Exploratory sessions and mini -courses are offered in July and August.

As for all sports, paddle fields will be available for rent 7 am/7 from 9 am to 11 pm for cranes from 1am or 1:30 pm.

Meet at So-Club, 39 chemin des Liavoles in Viriat

Practical Info:
– hourly rate: 8 euros per person in full hours, 5 euros per person in overtime
– location of raquettes: 2,50 euros per raquette.
– a graduate professor offers individual and collective courses from 30 euros for 1:30

More info on the So-Club site.


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