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Zapping But! Football Club ASSE: Can the Greens avoid the dams?

The sensation of already getting to know him better. And to know that Laurent Batlles taped into the thousand when he chose his No. 1 deputy when he returned to ASSE. He speaks here of Emmanuel Da Costa, who was appointed in the middle of last week, and that the supporters of the Verts did not know at all about his different experiences in French football (QRM, Créteil, SC Lyon).

For the account of the supporters site, polescarrés, a player who had Da Costa as the coach telling who he is.And of course, he has the personality to sell.

Josué Albert: “I know coach Manu well because I was in Quevilly four seasons, from 2014 to 2018: the first two seasons in his CFA, the third in National and the last in Ligue 2. I knew him so that coach number one when he arrives at Sainté as an adjunct (…) The supporters of the Greens will discover someone who has hot blood, who is very boiling.I want to see it even On the bench as an adjunct.As a head coach is someone who from the first second will stand up, give the voice, give instructions (…) Manu will quickly get into the ‘Stephen’s environment When I arrived at the ASSE training center, I was told after the derby. Well, unfortunately there will be no derby next season at least a Cup of France But step -by -step values ​​will be instilled directly in coach Manu. t. “All the confidence he had given us, we wanted him to go to the field.”

Pour in the resume

It was learned a few days ago: ASSE coach Laurent Batlles, who has been relegated from Ligue 2, has chosen to replace certain Emmanuel Da Costa. That the supporters of the Greens should quickly learn to know because of his character.

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