of golf and stars in Chambon-sur-Lignon

This competition brings together business leaders from the Loire, Haute-Loire and the Rhône as well as high-level sportsmen well known to the public. “All in all, being serious, the competition wants to be in a third-minute state of mind. We put golf at the service of the company to take the time and create links, ”explained Samuel Tillon, the Xtreme Agency, who paid for the event.

Business leaders duo with athletes

“Many former athletes are introduced to golf because they find on the courses full of things that they know in high school, the pressure, the precision, the commitment, the reasoning, the resilience , while being less physically stiff. Whatever the levels, players can take the course together and drive. That’s why we turned to golf. »

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This year, the business leaders played in a duo with Laura Flessel (fencing), Guy Forget (tennis), Sébastien Amiez (skiing), Pierrick Bourgeat (skiing), Jean-Louis Zanon (football), Christian Lopez (football) , Bruno Saby (rally) and Philippe Candeloro (artistic patinage).

Forty-four engaged golfers fully appreciated the exceptional environment of this 1,000-meter-high golf course as well as the hospitality of various partners, the golf restaurant and the Clair Matin and Bel’ô hotels. Sell ​​the soir, a VVT test watch with Acrobike and the freestyle demonstration of golfer Romain Béchu sont venus compléter le program.

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