Number 1 in the Espoirs rating, Arthur Bouba to debut his career in Nantes

Cela started being active on the coulisse du côté du Nantes Basket Hermine. Après l’officialisation ni Thomas Hieu -Courtois sa origin ng Lille – at attendant celle d’Assane Ndoye – Nantes aurait engagé, selon nos informations, Arthur Bouba (2.02 m, 20 years old), best evaluation at Espoirs and nominated in the top five of the season.

After winning his title at the Academy Gautier (France U17 Cup, French cadets doubles champions and Espoirs/Futur trophy doubles), the long -running 3rd place – who can also play 4 and thus be Hieu’s back -up -Courtois – a connu une progression lineaire. After three seasons in Cholet (2018/21), the Francilien sailed to Bourg-en-Bresse last year. After a good workout in the Mountains (9.6 points, 6.2 rebounds and 2 decisive passes for 11.9 evaluations in 24 minutes), he doubles his stats at Ain: 17.1 points to 48% aux tirs, 11,1 rebonds, 2,6 pass decisives and 2,2 interceptions pour 22,7 d’evaluation in 32 minutes time.

To get to know this young player better, JL Bourg released a small video a few days ago:

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