NBA Finale – “Il est reglé comme une horloge”: Stephen Curry is like Federer the son of coach Steve Kerr

Steve Kerr had an endless decision with the d’encenser son meneur star. A few days after admitting that he should especially thank Stephen Curry the day he stopped his coaching career, the Golden State Warriors coach handed it over Sunday at a mid -point. This time, the former Bulls manager set the bar higher, comparing the double MVP to another of the biggest stars in his sport’s history: Roger Federer.

A “great resemblance” between Federer and Curry


43 points and question: Can Curry do it all alone?

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We met Federer a few years ago in China. We played in Shanghai and he came to see us in the locker room. Draymond (Green) asked him ‘How have you been doing this in 20 years?’ “, Kerr told the American media. “His answer was just simple, but profound. He said ‘I love my daily ritual. I get up, I prepare my children’s lunch, I drop them off at school, I go to train myself. I love competition. And every night, when I put my head on the earring, I tell myself, what a beautiful day‘”, he continued.

I mean Steph, ask me to relive the esprit cette explanation given by Roger Federer. I see a great resemblance. There is life that predominates and just joy to continue the process“, he concluded. On Friday, Curry achieved the best performance of his career in an NBA final, scoring 43 points ahead of the Warriors’ (107-97) victory over the Celtics, to level it 2-2 in An extra glorious chapter, at 34, for the one who already has three champion wings (2015, 2017, 2018) and two regular season MVP trophies (2015, 2016).

He has his routine, he is like a metronome

At this pace, Curry, who averaged 34.3 points (49.1% in long distance) after four matches, could finally become MVP of a final, with remarkable physical form. “He has his routine, he is like a metronome. Every day, it’s exactly the same thing. He is in the training room, then muscle, he is on the ground. It is set like a clock“, a Kerr soul.

But there is also a feeling of joy, which seeks his energy in this work. I think this is one of the things that lies all the great sportsmen, Roger Federer, Steph Curry … There is a routine that is not only super-disciplined but which is really appreciated every day. There is a passion that accompanies it, which is hard and which allows it to get better.“, is it still developed.

Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors) to bomber the torch: he had an incredible performance in Final Game 4 against Boston

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I love working“, Curry poured in front of the same journalists.”You will be willing to do these training or muscle training sessions, because you know that it will allow you to be the best prepared possible for these matches.. And try to have as much fun as possible. There are certainly days when you don’t want to, where you have failed … But the approach that I have adopted since my beginnings and that I have tried to preserve, is that one wins, that the he loses, he has to go back and forth to use his tools and find ways to make his game work“, he finally asserted.

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