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To win, Nathan De Sousa will be hired in Pro B. The Alsace Sport Alliance will hold the ropes to tie the young French leader.

Priest Romain Hoeltzel to Orchies to pray Nathan De Sousa (19 years, 1.87 m) from Cholet? Repeated… At the same time, discussions contribute to the entry of your guests and Gries-Souffel provides information. Professionally passed last year after having been dominant in Espoirs (15.3 of the evaluation in 2020/21), the leader has been much less used (9 minutes on average at the end) since the signing of TJ Campbell just before Christmas. Pour retrouver du temps de jeu and continue the progression, possibly coming to Alsace, under the orders of Julien Espinosa, could he do the greatest good.

In the past, several young people from the Cholet training center have been loaned/transferred to Alsace on their release, such as Karlton Dimanche, Hugo Robineau or Warren Woghiren.

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June 13, 2022 at 10:08 p.m.

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