Morbihan: Trinité-sur-Mer, capital of sea rugby over the weekend

The tournament will take place on a 1000 m2 floating platform located at the port of La Trinité-sur-Mer (Morbihan). © Solenn Ravenel

In the port of La Trinité-sur-Mer (Morbihan)the first edition of « Ovale rugby on the sea » teams from all over France will clash. When the first matches were over on June 11, 2022, the event continues until Monday 13 June. Everything in a friendly atmosphere.

The inventor of water rugby is here

Who said the Breton didn’t have rugby? Certainly not all the participants and spectators of outdoor rugby. The public was in attendance for this first Breton meeting, like this family who came fromAuray.

Sasha, the son, rugby player or Pays Auray Rugby Club, even got an autograph by Yann Delaigue, a former rugbyman of XV of France to invent water rugby in Toulouse The alréen rugbyman was even able to take part in a penalty challenge, where he won an event balloon signed by the sponsors.

The public was present for the first edition of L'ovale rugby sur mer
The public was present in La Trinité-sur-Mer (Morbihan) on June 11, 2022 to attend the first edition of L’ovale rugby sur mer. © Solenn Ravenel

Everyone got into the game, and even former Toulouse founder Yann Delaigue. She played with the “Dream Team”, the women’s team of Stade Rennais. A team made up of Elite 1 and federal players.

But do you think of the atmosphere created by the spectators and the framework of La Trinité-sur-Mer?

The Garonne is good too, but it is true that there is a spot that is beautiful, there is a great atmosphere. It’s a super state of mind, he’s full of smiles, it’s wonderful.

Yann Delaigue

Eighteen teams for a festive tournament

In this tournament, which continues on Sunday, June 12, 18 teams from all over France will oppose each other. One team in particular made Anglet’s trip to the Basque Country “for the particularity of the tournament,” the captain explains.

He knew he was going to be beautiful. It was the opportunity to meet the world, to get out of our corner.

Captain of the VCA team

Teams from the Highlands of France or even Toulouse are at the meeting. But Britain is also well represented with local teams, similar to that of the Uray Rugby Club which came to a large number of supporters.

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The Uray Country Club team
The Uray Country Club team. © Solenn Ravenel

It’s a collective spirit, we’re five on the field, we replace each other … It’s super cool to have an event in Brittany, with the club friends, we’re all a big family

PARC player

The final phases are Sunday, June 12

On Sunday, June 12, many spectators are expected to attend the final phases. For those who want to go to the port to watch the matches, a little reminder of the rules may not go wrong.

The program is complete

-Friday, June 10: “Inter-company” tournament 10 teams mixed in the colors of their company will compete in a joyful and competitive spirit.
– Saturday 11 to Sunday 12 June: Lighted Amateurs tournament – 18 teams from all over France will compete in a “fun” competition. It’s like “touch” rugby without placement.
– Monday 13 June: youth day – Discover rugby, in partnership with the British League. “It will be an initiative for Britain’s Priority Areas of Education (ZEP),” explained Thomas Richard.

The encounters take place on a floating platform of 1000 m, without touching or aiming. To mark, he just needs to bring out his most beautiful dive. The rules follow those of “touch rugby”, or rugby without placement. The matches last 10 minutes.

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