Montpellier-UBB: the last of the Mohicans for the four monsters of French rugby

Four historic Top14 and MHR players will end their careers later this season. They will meet on Saturday, June 14 (9:05 pm), in the semi-finals of the Top 14

Fulgence Ouedraogo, Guilhem Guirado (Montpellier), François Trinh-Duc and Louis Picamoles (Bordeaux). On Saturday, two of those four will play the last match of their careers. The other two will offer a Top14 final in the form of Last dance.

Imagine, they have lined up more than 1,000 matches in Top14, a piece of the history of French rugby. On the niçoise lawn, it is also the MHR that will compete with three of the “fantastic four” gathered on the same ground but under different jerseys.

“In a commencé ensemble, on end ensemble”

“This sport has allowed me to find a family, benchmarks, a foundation, values ​​that have helped me integrate,” Fulgence Ouedraogo said. A family who is going to leave the space of 80 minutes. Because there should be only two left. The losers will certainly be supporters of their winners and nevertheless friends.

“We started together and we finished together”, said François Trinh-Duc during his visit to the GGL Stadium last April. It will also be for him, as for Fulgence Ouedraogo, the last chance to put his hand on this Shield who has refused to them since the beginning of their career.

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