Montois Rugby Stadium. “An attempt of deplorable destabilization,” says President Cazeaux of Naituvi

A version that strongly disputed Jean-Robert Cazeaux, very agitated. “We are victims of a devastating destabilization attempt on the part of an agent, a lawyer and a Top 14 club (Racing 92, according to our information, NDLR),” said the president. There was no ambiguity about the player’s contract, he assured. They try to destabilize it to force my hand. These are arguments to frighten, but I’m not afraid, and they trumpet, all this is meant to fail. »

“No apprehension”

The stadist president therefore maintains that the Fijian, who missed the final stages on injury after having done a superb season (9 tests), will still be in effect on his return. But can we really align a player against his target?

If Jean-Robert Cazeaux remains confident, it is because the procedure was launched in February, and that Naituvi therefore continued to play after his demise. “I have no apprehension, I have no concern for him. He should either play for his club or perform to find another next season. »

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