Montauban. Gérard Aurel, the guardian angel of the volunteers

With a hand of iron in a glove glove, voilà comment on could qualify Gérard Aurel. Once a great equestrian endurance organizer (once again at the head of the World Cups organized in the domain of Pouziniès, in Saint-Etienne-de-Tulmont, a few years ago), he has now turned to golf. And when it comes to planning, managing problems, Gérard Aurel is all set. At the head of a staff of fifty volunteers (there will be six more today to try to channel the public for this last round) you have to be thoughtful but firm. Commissioners, drive shoppers, scoring at the club house, on the course, starters, drivers who make the rotations between the airport, the hotels, and the golf course of Montauban l’Estang … the volunteers are everywhere. Without them, the MLO could not even exist. They have the eye everywhere and somehow on the course you can’t jump on them with their fluffy green T-shirt of the best effect. All this little world is led by the master by Gérard Aurel. Every day (set in the morning from 7 am) he must hand over the work to the industry: “It’s almost a daily fight (smile). He must be permanently questioned and answered to all requests. those who prefer to be there in the morning, other than in the afternoon, should also try to vary the posts so as not to make the days too monotonous. discipline to make a better boulot (smile) “.

The adaptation, the master-word

A volunteer is called, he wants to change post; nothing is fixed and if Gerard can serve without disturbing the operation of the day, he does. “It has to be really tough but also very flexible. There, I have no problem because I have a really formidable team.” The mastermind also remains the adaptation: “Two people had been placed on the drive of hole number 1. Except that after the first starts we noticed that the new start configuration was committing faults. so a third person was added, but he had to take it elsewhere and therefore replace it (smiles). We also handed it to the world on the ground to record the scores in case of bad wifi reception “. After each day, Gerard does the day’s account, before considering the next one. This morning, Gérard Aurel will begin his last day: “It’s certainly fatigue, but every year it’s a real pleasure to contribute to the success of such an event”.

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