Millau: SOM rugby family in devil, young player Andy Iragne dies

Le Millavois Andy Iragne, 35, who has been with SOM rugby since he was a young age, was present on Friday, June 10, at the evening of his illnesses.

The sad news was announced on the Facebook of SOM rugby this Saturday, June 11th. That of disappearance of young Millavois Andy Iragne.

Ex-third line of SOM rugby

The 35-year-old young man, ex-third line of the Millavois club, fights back a cancer for several years. He was taken ill Friday night.

A man with a big heart who will mark the history of the club

“The millavois rugby family lost a man with a big heart who will have marked the history of the club. The entire SOM and its loyal supporters extend all their condolences to his mother and brother as well as to the entire Wadelle family,” his friends and relatives “, the club announced to pay tribute to the young man.

A cancer de l’estomac diagnostic in 2017

In 2017, at the age of 30, Andy underwent opérer de l’estomac for cancer early in the year. “The doctor learned that on January 25,” said the young man in our columns. It was his birthday. “A funny gift, ironically, he had been suffering from an ulcer for several months.” I followed up with treatment. But in January, after an endoscopy, doctors found that nothing had healed. Complementary examinations subsequently removed cancerous cells in the stomach. “

The biggest mix in the world with Henri Pujol

In May 2017, Andy Iragne, player of the premiere team of SOM rugby, was the sponsor of the promotional event of the fight against cancer named “The world’s greatest mixer”, for which the eminent professor Henri Pujol, honorary president of the League against Cancerwas coming to Millau.

The stubbornness of the fate that struck the Millavois had motivated the SOM to embark, in just a few months, this symbolic characteristic operation of great enormity. The maneuver, among others, Thierry Alric and Serge Sécail.

We want this action to put cancer ahead of all

Andy Iragne had symbolically introduced the great melody of the heart during the world record attempt. An event therefore held in partnership with the League against Cancer. “We want this action to serve to put all cancer patients ahead,” Andy Iragne said at the time in our columns with humility.

Ibuhos ang rappel, each participant was invited to donate a minimum euro on the occasion of this record attempt, which should also serve as a showcase for France’s candidacy for the organization of the 2023 Rugby World Cup. funds raised before being donated to the League against Cancer.

Midi Libre presents his sincere condolences to his family.

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