MHR-UBB: “Few people know but I decided to quit rugby at 19”, meets Zach Mercer

Zach Mercer is the admirer. His performances are partly due to the balance he found at MHR. Being interested in the course of the third English line, his destiny failed to be disturbed. Portait de celui qui sera le fer de lance de Montpelliérain para sa demi-finale ng Top 14 vs Bordeaux-Bègles pada 18 juin (21h05).

He tasted the sun. Zach Mercer has become too accustomed to the good Montpelliérain life to return to the country since this summer. Some speculate he was sent to Gloucester at the end of the season to allow him to find the English selection, but the 24 -year -old general will honor his contract well to the end and will continue to run his pool in Lattes next year. “It’s scary, I don’t know where these stories come from. I learned it when Philippe (Saint-André) and” Z “(Olivier Azam, forwards coach) told me in a training session:” Comment on “Gloucester man”? ” This is obviously false “smiling last week Zachie, coffee by hand and sitting at the big table in his dining room.

Mercer, Paenga-Amosa, Thomas and Lamositele, the beautiful band

So yes, it will return well this was Outside. Next July 2, he will marry Emily, his fiancée. “It’s my pillar, my rock. It does everything so I don’t have to think about rugby. It’s one of the reasons why my level in rugby is good. There, it’s in Worcester (instead of wedding and hometown of madame) pour les détails du mariage “, entrusts the man to the blue helmet of the MHR. He, who remains in the south of France, is focused on his semi-final against Bordeaux-Bègles on Saturday (9:05 p.m.).

The most important socialiser hors rugby. Very often, breakfast is served together

On his off days, he goes golfing at the Grande-Motte or the Coffee club, a cafe/cafe near the Square of the Prefecture in Montpellier. Most of the time, Brandon Paenga-Amosa, Henry Thomas and Titi Lamositele accompany him. These four follow everywhere. “It’s important to socialize outside of rugby. Very often, we all have breakfast together. And luckily, our women listen to each other very well.”appreciate the long third line (1.90 m, 111 kg). “We feel at home”renchérit Paenga-Amosa, the 26-year-old Australian athlete, is considered the leader of the team.

The socle amical symbolizes the atmosphere of equilibré qu’a trouvé Zach Mercer à Montpellier. An upset in an unexpected context for him. For almost anything, the Leeds native could never have explored the terrain of the Top 14 to qualify the MHR for its first semi-finals in four years. In 2016, he failed to put it all together, in the figurative sense of the term. “Few people know it but I thought of quitting rugby when I was 19”tell the interested person. A lassitude born of a single course.

Disappointed and then released from rugby

Reflecting on the player’s history, it all predicted a career at a high level. Son of Gary Mercer, an ancient Neo-Zealand rugby international in XIII and young exile in England, he was educated in the oval world. “My father is a coach. When I was 8 years old, we left Leeds for Scotland. A position as a defense coach was expected at the Glasgow Warriors”go back to Zachie.

Enrolled at the school in Glasgow, and then at the college in Edinburgh, the young Englishman is in the Scots, until he is retained by the national selection at least 16 years old. Some leaders flair the puppet and want to promote it with the U18s as soon as possible.

The professional world did not know me. There was too much muscle, I don’t like that

“But Bath saw me play and offered to join me. At 18, so I was alone, away from my family. I didn’t hide it from you, it was really hard. The professional world didn’t tell me “There was too much muscle, I don’t like that.”he said today. “So I thought. I thought of stopping everything and leaving to discover New Zealand, I’m excited.” Bath’s new coach, former All Black name Todd Blackadder, is the convainc de rester.

Behind it, the terror in the blue helmet was released. As a masterpiece of the Bath pack (2016-2021), it has become the superheroes of that of Montpellier this year. By fair user Eddie Jones, the chosen language regrets avoiding the laissé filer. And make Philippe Saint-André shake hands.

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