Metz wins tenth women’s French Cup at the expense of Besançon

It was a horse alone. Opposé à l’Entente sportive Besançon féminin (ESBF) on June 11 in the final of the Coupe de France féminine de handball, Metz and lifted the cup after having made the race head on throughout the meeting, in Bercy (Paris ). Final score: 33-23. This is the tenth time in its history that the lorrain club has postponed the competition.

Thanks to this victory, the players of Sébastien Mizoule are offering a double, two weeks after their French championship title acquired after an exceptional regular season (26 wins in 26 games). Meanwhile, the Lorraines had also claimed third place in the Champions League, the prestigious European Cup.

Metz-Besançon in the final of the French Cup: the poster recalled some memories. This is the fourth time the two clubs have met at this stage of the competition. The last time, it was in 2005 and the Bisontines were imposed. At the time, the franc-comtois club was then a stronghold of handball at the hexagon.

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Descending from second division, then back in 2015, the ESBF – which ranked fourth in the championship this season – did not become favorites in this final of the 29th.e edition of the women’s Cup of France. During their course, Sébastien Mizoule’s team had benefited from Brest’s “package” in the quarter-finals: the Breton title holder having justified his choice by re-programming a championship match on the same date as the semi-final. final of the French Cup.

In the first action of this final, Metz took the lead thanks to a shot from his left back Orlane Kanor. The Dragons quickly cleared the gap (from 2-1 to 6-1) and didn’t count just nine goals ahead when a shot by Debbie Bon from the right wing crossed the line with plenty of success: a favorable rebound as goalkeeper Sakura Hauge was expected to have made a stop (2-11, 18e).

Demonstrating in each of her accomplishments, succeeding in particular a “roucoulette” (a shot with spectacular effect), Sabrina Zazaï loves a Bisontines rematch debut: after her decisive pass to Kiara Tshimanga, she is nowhere to be seen (8-13 , 27e).

Temporarily underperforming digital after the red card addressed to Tamara Horacek, for a penalty shot sent into the goalkeeper’s head just before half-time, Messines saw their advance back to four goals early in the second period. But they could count on their pivot Astride N’Gouan to regain the range.

He was the best half-center of the last World Cup, Grâce Zaadi combined efficiency and spectacle with a lob on penalty (14-24, 47e) and a pass in “kung-fu” (with reception in suspension) against Chloé Valentini (21-31, 57e). The Lorraines then had time to taste their crown.

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“Even if it’s a failure, it remains a beautiful memory.”

On the Moselle, a double championship mark marks the end of a chapter. Half center Méline Nocandy is close to joining Paris 92 for the next two seasons, while left-back Orlane Kanor will take charge of Romania to play at Rapid Bucharest.

Also read our portrait: Méline Nocandy, the orchestra of Metz Handball

“I will never forget this club. It is etched alive in my heart ”a commitment Orlane Kanor to the micro of beIN Sports after the victory of his team. “It’s my birthday tomorrow, for once, we’re going to try to let go a little more than usual”launched his coach Emmanuel Mayonnade, even bigger.

“I spent ten years in Besançon, without playing in the final, it made me want to win with Metz. In a fait un grand match »concluded for its part the international tricolor Chloé Valentini.

On the side of the losers, there was still the feeling of duty accomplished in having reached this final. “Even if it’s a failure, it remains a beautiful memory. I will remember this match for a very long time »assured bisontine aisle Lucie Granier, who blew out her 23 candles this Saturday.

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