Mercato – Ligue 1: Luis Campos seems to have tested the shot for Massimiliano Allegri at PSG

It was a funny encounter that sparked the biggest fantasies. Even if Luis Campos and Massimiliano Allegri have been dating for years, the timing of their meeting, Tuesday, in Monaco, is questionable. In a quest for a coach to replace Mauricio Pochettino, with whom an agreement was supposed to have been found these past few hours in the wake of his departure, would the Portuguese manager have targeted the Juve technician? Or was it just a simple lunch decontextualized from work? The Italian press tried to find answers this Wednesday, confirming, in passing, the truth of the cliché.

To begin, take a turn on the side of La Gazzetta dello Sport. In its edition of the day, the rose daily explains that the official version of all the parties in question is as follows: this meeting at the Paris hotel, located in the Principality, is not just the result of chance. And yet, the transalpin media make sure Campos has done well and made an attempt to convince Allegri to become PSG’s coach.

Ligue 1

PSG has created an “elite group”, a bridge between the young and the pros


Contacts between the two men would even resume in several weeks. “I have an engagement with the Juve who is going beyond my contract. The rest in Turin“, however, he seems to have retorted the native of Livourne, to whom a three -year contract of 12 million euros was reportedly offered.”Despite some tensions in the market, Allegri is convinced of being able to roll out the project coordinated with Andrea Agnelli“, exactly Gazzetta. The Sky Italia channel, she, indicates that the technician was simply on vacation at the Principality, and that he is “very friendly“with Campos.

Galtier would be well on the pole

On the side of Corriere della Sera, a highly reputable daily generalist in Italy, however, confirms that the PSG football adviser has made an attempt to convince Max Allegri. In vain. Returned to Juve last year, the latter wished and remained despite the Parisian interest. Finally, pour it Repubblicaanother very serious media, Campos wanted to take the field to evaluate the will of the former AC Milan coach.

Will PSG really change? “Le dossier Dembélé dira tout de ses intentions”

Despite confirmed disagreements in the transfer market (the club would have launched youngsters, while it would have wanted players willing to win immediately), Allegri does not intend to make a false bond with the Bianconeri. As a result, the three Italian media are taking advantage of the fact that Christophe Galtier is in a position to become PSG’s new coach.

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Ligue 1

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Ligue 1

The separation is clear: PSG could have reached an agreement with Pochettino


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