Matthieu Jalibert, founder of UB: “We don’t play for Christophe (Urios)”

Christophe Urios: “A difficult week for me”

“Things were promised last week, and for the past three months, there have been many promises that have not been kept. We had to revolt. In Perpignan, it was not our team. Today, the players had a beautiful week, a difficult week for me because there was tension. Today, the players responded present. This is their success. Now, against Montpellier (in the semi-finals), we’re going to have fun. We are not there to live these moments like that (with tension). It will prepare for the semi-finals. The MHR will be fresh, we will be a little less. When you have great players, they have to be good. You have the right sometimes not to be good, to pass on the side of a match. But I believe that “Toto” (Dupont) on Saturday was good (with Toulouse against La Rochelle) and that’s how we win titles. I found that our big players weren’t very good performers. Sure, they were injured, they were used, but it was smoking. At some point it is necessary to answer present. I think tonight, they showed they knew how to react. »


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