Market – Why Zinédine Zidane has always been ambiguous with PSG

A big blur for a huge suspense. If he had to summarize the situation of this PSG regarding his future coach, we would not have done otherwise. A lot of fog because around Paris, contradictory information is happening these last few hours. Emerging facts, however: Qatar, and Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, consider Zinédine Zidane as the head of the project’s gondola and are looking to convince him. For his part, Luis Campos continues to imagine the PSG cru 2022-2023 with Christophe Galtier at his head.

In the case, the decision of the double Z risks too much to decide the rest. Hence the amazing suspense. So, can Zidane become the next coach of PSG? Or rather, is it just a symbol of Marseille, which openly dreams of the French team in the near future, can take in hand the destiny of the Parisian team? Rien ne s’y opposes the formellement. Because if Zidane has set a rule as a coach, it is that of not closing any door, as much in his management as in his career management.

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Pour AS, Zidane said no


And, to this day, he has never really changed his handgun. In March 2015, invite on Canal +, France’s most famous summer has already given a certain direction to his career, then born, as a coach. “Is it conceivable for me to one day coach PSG? Pour the moment, they have a coach who has results. This is Laurent Blanc and I know him very wellhe explained. As you have said, I am Marseilles. I am fine in Madrid. It must never say ever. It will certainly be complicated“.

Exciting sports project, whatever we think

At the time, the Blues had already covered a good part of the discussion. But Zidane’s doctrine is finally summed up in these words: “I forbid nothing, especially as a coach. As a player it might have been different. Coach, these are the opportunities that will do the rest“That of a power prize at the Bleus in a near future seems less obvious, at least until next December. That of PSG, on the other hand, where some of the biggest players in the world and in the past will be madrilènes road companions…

This XXL sporting challenge, perhaps one of the most poignant in football history as Mauricio Pochettino explained last November, has something forcibly appealing. Same for Zidane. Because he has succeeded in the biggest club in the world, because he has nothing more to prove, the structures even to attract him must be at the height of his ambitions. Manchester United, who have long thought of him, quickly realized that the current situation of the Red Devils prevented any maneuver.

In Paris, Zidane could play his favorite card: mimic the revolution to finally sweetly accompany an effective star to the summits. Ang all while posing his conditions, like that of managing the market from A to Z, what he could never really have at Real Madrid. How many teams can offer this challenge? At ang sportivement, ZZ pourrait s’y retrouver, financièrement…

“PSG’s Zidane obsession has slashed its entire market”

A lasting relationship with Qatar

Chances are, Zidane had a good time before becoming a coach. Ambassador of many brands in the past, the French were also part of the World Cup allocation to Qatar in 2010. A juteux contract of 3 million euros for a lasting relationship between Doha and ZZ. Faithful to his line of conduct, rare in the media and rarely very offensive behind the micros, Zidane has thus never sought to freeze Qatar publicly. And so the PSG.
So, without ever closing the door but without really opening it, coach Zidane was in the image of the player he was: a funambule. Lots of declarations of love for Marseille, lots of praise for PSG and their star team. Because he understands it well, in football, “it must never say ever“. Golden rule …

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