Market: The Greens push PSG into a future dossier

Zapping But! Football Club ASSE: Can the Greens avoid the dams?

It’s too early to talk about a flashlight. Especially when we are faced with bad weather over the months and we have just taken a resounding head -to -head blowout with a descent into League 2. But the ASSE supporters, who have already welcomed the signature with joy by Laurent Batlles as a coach, you also know that some young people want to excel in Forez.

This is the case with U19 striker Jibril Othman, apparently invited by PSG a few months ago. As the regional daily, Progrès, states, the player has finally decided to stay in Saint and sign a 2 -year internship contract.

Pour in the resume

As the club has just descended into Ligue 2, ASSE will have to compose with some of its young elements to find the elite. At the Verts training center, good news has just fallen. Encourage.

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