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A few days after the officialization of his appointment as sports adviser of Paris Saint-Germain, Luis Campos will confirm in the same way this Wednesday by Celta Vigo.

Luis Campos will not be at PSG full time.

Desperate to love a new king, Paris Saint-Germain thanked sporting director Leonardo for replacing him with Luis Campos, officially named sports adviser at the capital club last week.

Be it Monaco or Lille, the Portuguese proved it by the pass, with excellent sporting results and big plus-values ​​the cl. His service tats make the recruiter a short man and he does not go private to best exploit his beautiful side of popularity.

Fields with Celta for many years

Indeed, PSG will not be the only club bnficier of the flair and network of Campos in the coming months! This Wednesday, following rumors circulating in recent days in the Spanish press, Celta Vigo came out of silence to confirm that the Lustanien, arriving in March, will go well and continue their collaboration with the Galician club.

Celta has confirmed that Luis Campos has been working for the club for several months and as an external advisor in the sports field, in collaboration with Juan Carlos Calero as the first team coordinator. The will of both parties is that the relationship lasts over time for many yearsclarified the 11th of the last League exercise through a statement.

A Paris comme Vigo, Campos dlgue

This double cap is forged but it has no problem with PSG, who are still in the spotlight before the recruiter. Campos is indeed the head of a company and does not work alone, he who handles part of his co -workers. On Tuesday, the AS newspaper explained that it is mainly his right -hand man Calero who is doing court business with Celta, or waiting for an agitated market.

In Paris, Campos also serves as part of its Antero Henrique missions, especially in the field of sales. But since it’s really Henrique who cheers, for example, with Inter Milan for the eventual transfer of central defender Milan Skriniar, we enjoyed O Jogo on Tuesday. PSG and Celta Vigo are not gravitational in the same sphere, the risks of conflict of interest are otherwise limits. As long as the work of Campos gives satisfaction to one ct like the other of the Pyrnes, no one will find anything to say…

Luis Campos is with PSG and Celta Vigo

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