Market: Pochettino, Galtier, Zidane, everything Campos is behind the scenes

Zapping But! Football Club Paris Saint-Germain: Is there an obvious solution for the after-Pochettino?

The truth of today is not that of tomorrow. And it is a fact that PSG will have a whole new coach in the coming days. Who? Such is the question. Between the Zidane rumor, and the media frenzy it engenders, and the Galtier track (OGC Nice), the one that can today claim the future is very bad.

In the columns of the daily the Team, this morning, we are learning more about the subject. And especially since the PSG management, and Luis Campos, want to get things in order. Excerpt: “Campos, already fully embarked on the reconfiguration of the effect, explains that Paris must do things in order. First, reach a financial agreement with Pochettino’s lawyers on the subject of the end of his contract (2023) and that of his deputies. Then, activate the track of the new coach. “

So nothing will happen until the case of the current technician is legally settled. Which could still take a few days. Galtier, who knows that PSG will not offer him every year, has reportedly shown his willingness to leave the Côte d’Azur, unless Campos assures him, to this day, of the recruit’s will. Simple …

What history does not say is the decision of Zinédine Zidane. A word from him and the file will then be settled. Pour Campos comme pour Galtier.

Pour in the resume

The dossier of the future PSG coach puts the club behind the scenes. However, and if one is to be informed of the daily Team, Luis Campos knows exactly what he has to do in the coming days. With Zidane, Galtier and Meme Pochettino.

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