Market – OL targets PSG star for a historic transfer

Vedette of the French team and unbeatable striker from Paris Saint-Germain, Marie-Antoine Katoto is one of the best players in the world.

Chosen by PSG, the striker is still preparing to make the big jump this summer, for a transfer that will mark the history of women’s football. Indeed, TF1 announces that FC Barcelona but especially the Olympics Lyonnais, two teams that have reached the Champions League final this season, are on the ranks of Katoto. The Parisian will have a royal choice, but especially the amount of the transfer could reach summits never met. Ang PSG woke up to this case, after weeks of turmoil being given the top scorers in the women’s section, but Antero Henrique, returning to command at this level, decided to meet the player and his advisor very quickly. In the meantime, the OL has already advanced and is preparing to make an offer impossible to refuse, a “ unpublished offer in the history of women’s football ».

Katoto is seen far away from PSG

Proof that the Lyon appetite is still strong, even if it is not easy to go wrong with the enemy Paris. However, the transfers are still far from reaching masculine levels, since no movement has so far exceeded 500,000 euros. But the OL could therefore break this barrier, and offer one of the most anticipated players in international football in just 22 years. For his part, Katoto is contemplating his future, but says he is very attracted to the new projects that are being proposed to him, as PSG have overcome OL dominance in all competitions this season. Except in the French Cup final, which PSG postponed with a triple Marie-Antoine Katoto in the final against Yzeure (8-0).

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