Lucie Nguyen Tan will face Mina Hodzic in the finale of the l’Engie Open

“I had the goal of setting the trajectory and moving,” explains the French. I kept the same game plan throughout the match. Very solid in the short run, she pushed her game and went into the final round. The points marched at a high speed V for the Eastern player who gradually let go, leaving some small signs of nervousness. “Mentally, I feel a little weak,” she continued. I went back a little longer when I had the opportunity. »

The crazy series of Mina Hodzic

On June 12, Lucie Nguyen Tan will face Mina Hodzic in the final encounter of the 19th edition of the Engie Open. In the wake of the first semi-final rumored a little earlier in the afternoon, the German released a new battered ground specialist. Battered in three sets, Argentine Maria Lourdes Carlé had to recover to compete in the doubles final, she also lost (see below).

Already winning two tie-breakers the night against Chloé Paquet, the 1208th World Cup has once again shown great ease in critical moments. Very powerful, the German, with qualifications, could counter the plans of a seventh player, here in Biarritz. “I’m going to start with the same style of play today, I think it could be effective”, study future opponent Lucie Nguyen Tan.

The results

Semi-finals: Hodzic (Q) bat Carle (4): 7-6, 3-6, 7-5. Nguyen Tan (Fra) bat Andreeva (3): 6-3, 6-0.
The final of the double: Danilina-Strakhova (1) battent Carle-Timofeeva (2): 2-6, 6-3, 14-12.

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