Lot-et-Garonne: Julien Candelon: “After two JOs, rugby at VII is more respected than it was”

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Julien Candelon, the former Narbonne and Perpignan player, grew up in Tournon-d’Agenais. He is today the “service manager team” of the teams from France VII to witness the development and popularization of this discipline in the Hexagon. When Agen will host the France Military Championship, meet with one of the cadres of the “Sevens” at France Rugby.

Julien Candelon has been on the road since his rugby debut at Tournon-d’Agenais, at the age of 8. Le natif d’Agen at connu une belle carrière à XV, à Narbonne at Perpignan, avec un titre de champion de France noong 2009 at deux selections including XV de France. Also a great experience in rugby VII, with 265 selections in Bleu between 2012 and 2017 and a participation in the Rio Olympics in 2016. Today he is 41 years old and retired from the terrains, sur ité des terrains Bein Sport and was hired by the French Rugby Federation as “team service manager” with the French Sevens teams. A role in the shadow, important in the development of an Olympic discipline since 2016, which pleases him wonderfully.

“Ang XV integrated that the VII had a role to play in the development of a player”

“My mission is to manage everything that is extra-sporty for the France VII teams,” explains Julien Candelon. It is about logistics, fair the link between the sport and the administrative service, the commercial service, the marketing service or the human resources. When I was a player, this position did not exist. There was not a single person who accompanied the teams on the moves (such as the stages of the World Series, the stages, etc.) who knew everything that was off the ground. Anything that is not seen participates in the organization of the teams. This is a role that is on the opposite side of the decor. »

On a daily basis, the one who also played in Villeneuve-sur-Lot in his first year as a cadet observes on a daily basis the development of rugby VII in France. “It’s greatly evolved, trust the latter. At the time when I arrived, the FFR was battling to recruit “seven” profile players. Suddenly, they started recruiting players like me who would not return to the plans of the XV clubs. But the choice was entirely limited. Today, it’s different. After two JOs, rugby VII has taken more place and is more respected than it was. The universe of the XV was so highly integrated that the VII had an important role to play in the development of a player. Another important point of evolution was the creation of the Super Sevens, which also participated in making the discipline better known, especially in its preparation. Which has allowed everyone to put their finger on its necessity and on its difficulty. And then, the management team in place worked hard to create a link between the clubs and the federation to be able to have a more important livelihood and places available to club players for France VII. What did not exist before. »

A structuring work of several years that was awarded to an Olympic silver medal for women in Tokyo in 2021. An additional projector for the “Sevens”, which has won mediation since it was an Olympic sport . “Since the moment it became an Olympic discipline, the VII has become more interested in the world,” said Julien Candelon. In the continuation of the girls’ silver medal in Tokyo, it showed that the French level was good. And, above all, our teams from France are considered as “medieval” teams. And when you get back into this very closed circle, there is a consideration that goes beyond the catchy parts of rugby. »

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