Loïc Féry, the owner of Lorient: “Something strong is happening”

“Is your club, Lorient, requested by the Americans?”
There is not a single owner in Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 who is not approached by investors, Americans or others, and that is more and more frequent. Some particularly see “small” clubs allowing a player trading strategy, others formate clubs like ours or even large clubs with a strong commercial and merchandising potential, knowing that there is not much left. dans ces deux categories of dernières.

What are the reasons for this interest?
A first reason to address the Mediapro problem which, in addition to the general health crisis in Europe, has specifically weakened French clubs and made targets easier. In particular, something is going well in Ligue 1: its development plan over ten years has been validated by some of the largest international investment funds in the context of the creation of the League trading company. This has not gone unnoticed by potential investors.

With an effect on the valuation of clubs?
The figures circulating on current sales confirm that it is making progress. You can’t be the great Championship with the strongest growth potential without your clubs taking the value. Investors are well aware that the League and our partner CVC are expecting more than doubling revenues by the 2032 horizon and that is not the word. In turn, they know how important the unique ability of our clubs to get out of the cracks is very important. »


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