Linn Grant, first woman to report on a European men’s circuit tournament

Swedish Linn Grant made history Sunday as the first woman to report on a European men’s circuit tournament, the Scandinavian Mixed in Sweden.

The 22 -year -old golfer prevailed in this competition which was held on the same course as the men of the DP World Tour circuit and the women of the Ladies European Tour (LET).

“Simplify them by recognizing women’s golf, where sponsors will go to LET and it will stimulate a little more women’s golf”, Grant declared, and won Sunday his third tournament of the season in six departments.

On the course of the Halmstad Golf Club, the Swedish reached a 24 -point final card under the par, far ahead of their closest followers, Sweden’s Henrik Stenson, winner of the 2016 British Open, and Scotland’s Marc Warren, in equal measure at -15. This is the biggest margin observed this season between the winner of a tournament and his dolphin on the DP World Tour, the new European circuit.

“It’s huge. Play at home and have the crowd here, my family, by my side, my little friend on the bag (Pontus is also his caddy, NDLR), it’s crazy and I’m proud of me” , a comment in Suédoise, citée sur le site

When she was asked if beating men on this tournament was her main motivation this week, she replied: “Sure, that’s the most important thing! It’s a pleasant feeling. All week, I ‘ had the impression that it was like girls against boys (…) “

Her compatriot, Annika Sorenstam, mother of the event and legend of the history of her sport with ten titles in Major, greeted her performance. “I’m excited and happy for Linn,” she told Sky Sports. “I hope we can serve her victory and that people will see the quality of women’s golf – Linn could not have proved it better.”

Linn Grant is the little-daughter of James Grant, a professional Scottish golfer who emigrated to Helsingsborg (Sweden).


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