LES ANGLES Rugby: no rematch for RCAGR who see Federal 2 outperform

Alain Sanciaume has been President of RCAGR for 22 years. (Marie Meunier / Objectif Gard)

On the 12th of June, Roger-Pages was accompanied by supporters of the première du RCAGR (Rugby club Les Angles Gard rhodanien). This victory has 25 points extra over the opponents of XV de la Dombes, pour in Fédérale 2. Les Verts et Blancs had déroulé un beau match de barrage, the crucial 34-15, mais ça ne suffira pas pour combler leur retard.

Over 25 points over the month, Les Angles and the 19… De quoi nourrir quelques regrets. « When two teams get along, it plays out over details: non-compliant exams, minor mistakes“, Says Alain Sanciaume, president of the RCAGR. The gates of Federal 2 are definitely fermenting after a season marked by high hopes. The Angloans were literally brilliant, delivering a flawless course, finishing first with their hen.

The sky began to shine in the 16th final. The Greens and Whancs were beaten in the all-round match against Andrézieux Bouthéon, after a particularly trying first season. In the return match, he had to win with 10 points to qualify, they will only score seven. Morale is strong, but the rugby players are back on track for the clashes on Sunday 5 June on the Dombistes turf. But there it is, they sigh and pay dearly for their 2nd time, finishing 39-15. This Sunday, June 12, they will not be able to make up for their delay despite a very committed game.

«Sur 22 against, in a gagné 20»

These two empty passages cost them today the rise in the upper division. The issue is very frustrating when we look at the whole of the 2021-2022 season: “ Sur 22 against, in a gagné 20«, Recalls Alain Sanciaume. The president is still very proud of his seniors. Either the 1 team that leads the Federal 2 or the B team that goes to the quarterfinals of the French championship.

For Team 1, he will falter all the time to digest the chess. The four coaches of the senior teams will meet this Tuesday night to make the most of the next season, the expectations and desires of everyone… « It will convene players the following week. He will have to redouble efforts next season which will be more complicated than this year as eight additional teams were able to access Federal 2 following the recomposition of the federal championships.«, Explains Alain Sanciaume. The teams would have to stay on the same line, with maybe 2-3 posts to be strengthened.

Marie Meunier

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