LeBron James was seriously criticized for his controversial silence

Since that LeBron James opened his school, he offered great opportunities to many young people from Akron, his hometown Unfortunately, in recent weeks, all his actions have been eclipsed by the terrible murder that rocked I Promise School. And the King’s silence on the subject was criticized.

The sportif model exists, LeBron James Indeed, King is not only a very high level athlete, considered by some as the GOAT in the NBA, he is also a leader in his community who takes care of future generations. He in particular opened his own school in Ohio, where he recently went to surprise students, and he shared the sequence on networks.

LeBron James is accused of selling a former NCAA coach

What makes it work in return, is the disappointing silence of the King that follows murder who took his place in this famous school. A young man who dared to shoot at others with an aerosoft pistol was stabbed to death for three others, and the case made noise in the national media. Pour Dan Dakich, the former NCAA coach aujourd’hui devenu polémiste, the explanation of the silence is simple:

LeBron James was particularly silent on this murder, and many think it was because three young Afro-Americans killed a white man. It is difficult to think otherwise. Impossible to happen. The King talks social justice all the time, but I haven’t heard the slightest word from his side. The perpetrators, however, were arrested. I ask me why.

The media are complicit, they are afraid of having a bad image. A young man has been killed on the campus of the world’s best -known sports school, to which no one speaks. Don’t you think journalists are terrified? I know why LeBron doesn’t speak, because the dead child was white. Otherwise, you will not understand the monde and lequel on vit.

According to Dan Dakich, the coach passed by Indiana in particular, LeBron James was not touched by this affair for the simple and good reason that the teenager died was white. An abusive and defamatory opinion that risks displeasing the King, who could without a doubt settle this story in court. More than a color story, the No. 6 Lakers must without a doubt handle this drama internally, with the families involved, and so to speak not only to put a bad light on his establishment.

LeBron James is no doubt very proud of this drama, a reason why he does not speak. He should handle the case privately, with families, and express himself in the media would not bring anything to this already serious file.

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