LeBron James, his final tribute to Luka Doncic

Depuis son came to the NBA in 2018, Luka Doncic stood out as one of the best players. And the prodigy of the Dallas Mavericks quickly shook his world thanks to his qualities. Among the admirers of Slovenia, to retrouve notamment uncertain LeBron James.

Between the two men, there is a real respect with good fights these last few years. And in the last episode of his show on Uninterrupted, King beat the qualities of the 23 -year -old young talent.

“Already his size. He is giant, 2.01 meters for a game manager. He weighs 140 kg. Then he still has that master of the ball. And more importantly, he has his vision. That’s why I love him – his vision of the game.

He can control the match without even having to take shots. Literally, he can roll the balloon 10 times and get into his preferred zone, simply because of his rhythm. Out of a pick-and-roll, he also had this reading to know what he had to do: play, analyze the defense or come back.

I have this spirit “, a paper for information LeBron James.

Thanks to his talent, Luka Doncic has won the respect of observers but also of his peers. And with his potential, the Mavs boss could still surprise LeBron James in the years to come.

The first true masterpiece of Luka Doncic

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