“Le Haut du panier” on Netflix, lettre d’amour in basketball and in Philadelphia

When Bo Cruz landed in the United States from his native Spain, the minibar of his hotel room was badly damaged, he rushed to the open air basketball court of the neighboring street to annoy Philadelphia residents. The particularity of the heroes of Top of the basket – broadcast by Netflix since last June 3 – is to be incarnated by true professional basketball player Juancho Hernangomez, officiating at the Utah Jazz, signal The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Sharing the poster head, we find “Adam Sandler is with Stanley Sugerman, Sixers recruteur or bout du rouleau”. In fiction, this latest discovery in Cruz of a hidden talent will try to convince the returning owner (Ben Foster) of the Sixers, the big club in Philadelphia, that he has a seed of the NBA champion, the American National League. .

If the scenario follows a turning point for the least predictable, director Jeremiah Zagar suggests a beautiful love story at all levels, resume The Philadelphia Inquirer: “The love of Stanley and the femme (Queen Latifah), the love of the parent is the love between the houses, and the love of the sport when you pour basketball.” Pour the film analyzer, the journal fait dialogue with chroniqueuse culturelle Elizabeth Wellington with journaliste sportif maison Matt Mullin. Both are packed, for additional reasons.

Film closest to the balloon

Outre Hernangomez, “Every person who throws a balloon in the movie is a real -life basketball player”, makes Wellington notice. Which allows to be immersed in all match scenes with the least artifacts possible, at a rare realism, at the heart of the action, greeted by Mullin. “Basketball representation is exceptional […], among the best I have ever seen on screen. And beyond the sports scenes, everything is cluttered with fingerprints and references. ” Which doesn’t stop non-specialists, like Wellington, from taking advantage of the show, co-produced by LeBron Jame.

Certainly, it is highly unlikely that a prodigy is discovered at the risk of a Spanish lane finishing on the boards covered by the big names of the NBA, tempts the sports journalist. Nothing to fix for as much as the good surprise of Top of the basket : the quality of the basketball players’ play. In the sent nature that plays their own role, explain the critique of Elizabeth Wellington, well assisted by a coach (from cinema, and not sports).

But in dynamics with a malicious Sandler “Impeccably imitated local accent”it is mainly Hernangomez who stands out, offering a real tenderness in the midst of growth and tears.

Philadelphia in majesty

The film’s third star is Philadelphia, a city of brotherly love. Ses “Sports fans are the best in the world. Finally, the bad ones, that’s why they are the best ”, resume Sugerman.

Jeremiah Zagar is comfortable with the camera in the streets of his hometown and is only interested in steak and cheese sandwich. The shooting venues, according to Wellington, are perfectly chosen, from intense training on the sloping streets to Italian grocery stores, “It doesn’t give a very touristy look no more. Let’s just say that if we know Philly, these are family places. ”

The attraction for this city is found even in the choice of the original band, marked by the urban music of the cru. Mullin concludes:

“In a Philly, in a du basket, in a du hip-hop: que demande le peuple?”

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