Le CA Montrouge will face the sacré champion de France in Lille

With a single defeat in 18 matches of the regular season, Montrouge set out in favor against Lille for the final of the French Championship on Sunday in Cambrai. The Orange, led in the first period (0-1 to 1-2), finished by taking the lead against the Nordists (6-3). Louis Poupée scored two of the six goals, the other scorers being Mathis Bézier, Fabien Mazurier, Tom Gaillard and Rafael Stab.

« I am very proud of the players, the team did a great match in general, it did what I expected of it, would know Aymeric Bergamo, the coach of the Franciliens. We lost against the course of the game in the first half, we stayed in the match and in the end, our actions were confirmed and it allowed us to be champions. »

This title, the first since 2011, the sixth in total, closes a beautiful season for Montrouge, who won two Euro Trophies – equivalent to the European Cup in the second division – the first in October, which had been postponed due to covid, second in April. « It was a victory for the team as well as the clubwanted to greet the 34 -year -old coach. Means have been put in place to get there. Leaders and supporters were present, many people moved out to support us. »


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