Lavaur: Rugby: ASV in recruitment mode

the essential
Julien Lauvernet, the manager of next season, has been in charge of the senior group for more than two months and is active to form the senior group for the 2022-2023 season, a work done in close relationship with the club presidency.

The main goal will be to keep the players who have given satisfaction over the past season both sportively and humanely and who have the profile that connects with the ambitious game project placed in a motion game option, desired by future coaches .
The club’s leading and historic players were quickly recruited for next season: Nicolas Clergue, Anthony Potente and Benjamin Norkowski, Lenny Arenas and a few others important to the more recently arrived team such as Sylvain Gouailhardou or Lee Aadrianse.
Ibuhos si Julien Lauvernet, “the club has the will to rebuild and start with a new project in 2 to 3 years. Suddenly, it passes through the upcoming turn-over, with some departing players who wish to play at a higher level (National and National 2) and other players not preserved. »
For the upcoming recruitment, the player profile sought is in line with the ambitions and means of the club that will play at the top of the table next season.

A dozen players gave their accord

Today, a dozen players gave their consent to join the ranks of the ASV. The club will not announce until the recruitment is complete, but it is largely among the Federal 1 confirmed players who know this level to have played. Two or three players at the top level would have to join them as well but this is not official as their outcome is linked to professional conversions that the club would like to help.
The club effect takes shape and draws from small to small. It will not be plethoric in quantity, but it will be of quality that is good enough to finally integrate the promising young players from the local training who will have their word to say from this year into a fanion team.
The ASV is under construction. She is looking for players for her cadet and junior teams who will play at the National level and for her Espoirs team. The other resource sought is volunteers to help and join the ASV family which extends from rugby school to the Federal 1 fanion team.

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