Laurent Arbo to the staff and a Fijian aide for encouragement

Reconverti in physical preparation, he joined the staff of the team from France during Lièvremont, then those from Castres, Perpignan, Montpellier and Agen, where he did not remain a few months, leaving the club after the dismissal of manager Régis Sonnes, who had made him come.

With Renda and Ostrikov

On the players side, after the Curie (Nevers) and Gajion (Oyonnax) pillars, the 2nd line Fortuin (Narbonne), the half of Doan (Montpellier) and the Pialot (Narbonne) opener, a sixth recruiting is known. This is a match, since this is Misaele Petero (26 years; 1.88 m; 100 kg), a flyer who did not leave Fiji before signing in Israel this season. With the Tel-Aviv Heat, he took part in the Rugby Europe Super Cup, a competition bringing together teams from emerging nations.

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