Larra. The Handball Club or field tournament

For the second time, the Merville Handball Club will take part in the Grass Tournament on June 17, 18 and 19, organized as part of the Franco-Spanish exchange between the Club d’Espugles (suburb of Barcelona) and the clubs of Merville, Saint-Jory and Bruguières.

The duration of the program will be as follows: on June 17, Esplugues players will arrive in Bruguières and will be taken care of by “host families”. On June 18, the clubs concerned namely Merville, Saint-Jory and Bruguières and of course Espugles will take part in the grass tournament which will take place in Bruguières from 3pm to 3.30pm.

On Sunday, June 19, the Spaniards will be on the Cavaillé field in Larra for a franco-Spanish friendly tournament that will be followed by a meal offered by the Merville Handball Club to Spanish and French licensed children.

The categories involved 13 filles and garçons and moins of 15 filles and garçons.

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