Laloubère. Centenary of AV rugby: tribute to Jean Larrouy whose stadium is named after him

Before talking about the gourmet, friendly and dancing evening that marked this centenary, how not to echo the memory of Jean Larrouy, a municipal councilor who volunteered every day at the rugby club, or he was a secretary, a secretary , treasurer and beneficiary of the club.

Jean Larrouy was born in 1907 in Salles-Adour, or in his early years. He married Zélia and they had two children, Yvette and Jean-Pierre. Jean advanced the call and was enlisted in the 24th Artillery Regiment in 1927, joining the Army in 1939 during World War II. His bravery, his courage he deserves to be adorned with the military medal and the Cross of War that he received on December 28, 1940. It was amputated by a jambe that he returned to the country. On February 20, 1951, he was made Knight of the Legion of Honor.

On his return to Laloubère, he had a job in the garrison office and then returned to Ponts and Chaussées. He took part in the life of the commune in 1947, at the side of his lifelong friend, his armed companion, Mayor Cazenave. Before 1940, Jean Larrouy practiced archery and rugby, as well as his love of youth and sport he advises, encourages, helps without slowing down the athletes who practice rugby on the stadium or he was one of the main artisans. of its construction.

At his death, it was a whole village that wept, for Jean, all his life, was a man of kindness, generosity, courage, devotion and courtesy.

On this day of the centenary of the lalouberien club,

Messes Boy and Dalloz, who knew him well, laid a gerbe on the planted stele in honor of Jean Larrouy.

Maybe just now, when you explore the stage that bears his name, you look to your left and have a thought for this man who was an example of humanity.

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