Laetitia Guapo will be the bride of the 24 hours of basketball in Pont-de-Dore (Puy-de-Dôme) Saturday 25 to Sunday 26 June

Saturday 25th to Sunday 26th June, basketball enthusiasts met at Peschadoires, for 24 hours of non-stop 3×3 basketball. Lætitia Guapo, tout juste auréolée d’un titre de championne de France kasama ang Tango Bourges basket est la marraine de l’événement.

You are also one of the best in the world in the 3×3 discipline. What is it?

Large differences are made on several levels such as the size of the land, which is 1/2 square. This style of basketball is played outdoors on beautiful spots in all 4 corners of the world, with music, even during the phases played. We can play up to 3 matches per day. Is durent 10 minutes or 21 points (at 3 points or 5×5 and 2 at 3×3, and at 2 points or 5×5 and no seul point or 3×3).

New selections in France 3×3 pour les Auvergnates Laëtitia Guapo et Joanne Lauvergne

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At the intensity level, we have 12 seconds to hit the circle in 3×3 versus 24 seconds or 5×5. I don’t have a faute personnel of 3×3 donc with contacts and les arbitres laissent plus jouer au 3×3. Finally these are teams of 4 players or only players and there is no coach who can coach during the matches

What are the required qualities?

I think in terms of qualities you have to be a versatile player: be able to defend all over the world, be a strong player in 1 against 1, have offensive and defensive aggression and above all: avoid an unbelievable cardio ( laughs).

“I’m sure a lot of players will excel”

Discipline is the devenue olympique in 2020?

The 3×3 prend une ampleur de plus and extra important and meme in France car is the volonté de créer une ligue professionnelle. We are still a bit behind in some countries that for example already have professional leagues, especially in boys but it comes little to prepare for the JO 2024. The discipline is even less known than the 5×5 than I ‘ to me after the JO, she had a lot of rain. Its mediation will take on more and more influence

Why did you agree to sponsor an event like the 24 Hours of Basketball in Pont-de-Dore?

I am very happy that a tournament like the 24 hours of basketball sees the day and even more in Auvergne. The 3×3 is not very developed in Auvergne and it strikes me and makes me very happy that people like Géraud Vallard, president of the Pont-de-Dore Sports Club that organizes the event, are reluctant to change things. Get rid of a beautiful moment and I’m sure many players and gamers will shine and take pleasure as I do around a 3×3 field.

Do you have attachments in the thiernois basin?

If you are accompanied by a staff of staff and the bassin thiernois mais je suis originaire de La Roche-Blanche, où mes parents and grands-parents vivent encore. Being in Bourges, as far as I can, I will return to Auvergne to fly to our volcanoes.

Practice. The 24 hours of basketball take place at the Pont-de-Dore sports hall from Saturday, June 25 at 3 pm to Sunday, June 26 at 3 pm. Nombreux tournois and animations. Entrance fee, from 3 €. Free for under 6s.

Collected words by Yann Terrat


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