Kyrie Irving pulls a cable: “They want to be God”

Kyrie Irving is without a doubt one of the most talked about players in the NBA microcosm, and yet, he is one of those who expresses the least in the media or on social networks. But this Monday, he decided to push a big blow on Twitter.

Kyrie Irving the season has been at the heart of all the debates, especially following his decision not to vaccinate, and even several weeks after the Nets’ elimination against the Celtics in the first round of the playoffs, the leader remains a recurring topic of conversation in the NBA microcosm. For example, many observers ask if his leaders will accept to offer him a nice contract extension

Because doubt is hovering over his future, he therefore finds himself in the hearts of rumors, and his name is in particular mentioned on the Los Angeles side, where he could find LeBron James, the teammate with whom he has grown the most in his career. Malapit na, but to see Uncle Drew pack his suitcases this summer would not have been a half surprise, but a complete failure for Brooklyn.

Kyrie Irving part of Dame Nature’s defense!

But if she is often mentioned, criticized or praised, Kyrie Irving only speaks very rarely. On the contrary Kevin Durant, which is very active on social networks, the leader becomes much rarer, although some Twitch lives are quite entertaining. Internet users were therefore very surprised to see a coup de gueule on Twitter this Monday, where this message was no longer provided by clair.

Oh, what a vision to look at human beings in our world trying to play the role of GOD. Puree. Your ego and your madness must be out of control to think that you are more powerful than our source – Lady Nature.

I believe that Lady Nature belonged to the people. Why do I pay to live on earth? Let me guess, “because it’s like that.” Barrez-vous.

This Monday, then Kevin Durant kicked off his teammates, Kyrie Irving has decided to go to war against egoism and especially against the system that makes life on earth payable. Very close to its Native-American roots, the leader of Nets would like to return to an existence more in harmony with nature, and less with financial notions.

Kyrie Irving hasn’t thought about basketball since the Nets were eliminated from the playoffs, he thinks instead about life in his global. He is very spiritual, and the fact that he has to pay to live makes him ask passionate existential questions.

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